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July 20, 2002
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Desibel v4 by degnic Desibel v4 by degnic
Enjoy !
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Daily Deviation

Given 2002-07-19
It's been quite awhile since i've featured some AVS presets. Well, Desibel v4 by degnic is a set of some of the coolest presets i've come across. The vibrants colours and the shifting movements in all of the presets are just simply awesome. Check them out! (Selected by +brazensix) ( Featured by brazensix )
tuggummi Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2002
Another DD?

Ok so you are either paying them to give you DD's or you just have the style that they like :) (Smile)
Either way i envy you...

At what comes to the favs of this pack...

- A Rough in the Diamond (magma rock rmx)
Incredible! Really responsive and the look of it is just... im speechless it doesn't "feel" like a avs preset at all would best thing to describe this. I love it. Worship

- Nuclear flow v2
Looks really and i mean really good. The colors are just marvelous.

- Spider webs v2
From a technical standpoint: Just phuckin awesome! How did you make TWO tunnels? Incredible. Jawdrop

- Sweet dreams
As you used the getosc functions this has a excellent beat detection and i just love to look at it with "Dj Hooligan - Hear You now (Grand Chillas Mix)" which is a really soft and quiet song.

- Twisted Thoughts (both versions)
They both have the "true Tuggummi colors" (heh heh evilrice ;) (Wink) ) which i like and they both look incredible beautiful.

Overall a great pack and i think im gonna click the +fav button after i click the "Add My Comments" button.

fsk Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2002
Great colors!!
doobybrain Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2002   Photographer
this is a very nice pack.
jay-fatboy Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2002
Wow a second DD in a row. Ooooh yeah. You sure are getting the recognission you deserve :) (Smile) Awesome pack !! And i found the thrashcan ;) (Wink) I must say there were presets in the left behind that SHOULD have been included in the starters. "Don't get int my way" was the preset that pleased me most in the whole pack-very very special. Well next time :) (Smile)
userkaft Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2002
Very nice work manThumbs Up
My fav preset was Sweet dreams very good
t-k Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2002
Well Degnic, you've done it again! These are some excellant presets. We especially like Equador, Hallucination, Inside my mind, Nuclear flow v2, the plasma turret presets, retro swirl, spider webs and above all, the twisted thoughts presets!

Some of them were a little too bright for us but the pack is still totally amazing! :D (Big Grin)
Congrats on the DD!
alphakx Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
More AVS coolness! It's all good.! ^_^
paranoidinhell Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2002
nice movement, great colors, good reactions !! OMFG these are good
nemoorange Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2002
A bunch of presets, a lot of them good ones. Some of these presets have a really nice 'look' to them. They have this feeling, "Twisted Thoughts" "Dreaming" "Inside My Mind." It's the kinda stuff that gets me excited about AVS. I also saw a lot of avs-king inspiration. But you put your own spin on things got some sweet results. Congrats on (another) DS. I'm always happy when AVS gets DS & this makes it all the sweeter.
ap3x Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2002
i like the middle green square on the bottom it looks like a bull with a ring in his nose.
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